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More infos to collaborate

Openstairs is a initivative that is aiming to stimule people to take action and moving closer together by shared time, tasks and challanges. 


How much info's do I need to share about my event?

Are there no-go's or any forbidden subjects?

How is taking care of the openstairs spot and content?

Are the stairs of offenbach01 only for students to use?

How long can the Openstairs stay on a location?

How to prevent the spraying, tagging and coloring of the furniture?

If I submitted a event wrong or did a mistake, what can I do?

It's a concept in the early stage in got just released and explores the way how it's working with a lot of freedom and responsibility for what information contributors want to share about the event. It's good to know who runs the event and what is their background and motivation. A titel and a image helps to get a quick impression of the event, before reading the full describtion text. Sure, as much as possible helps the guest. At the moment there are no suggestions on how many words of description are needed.

Written guidelines help to manage the peace and harmoney at the spot. People being contribors or guest commit to act and value fellow humas as written in a careful, consent, respectful and kind way.  This implies that any radical and extravagant subject that are not contriubuting the democratic public health and peace at not welcomed. Every humans and groups that are connected to populism, rasism, sects and other groups not supporting the democratic free, colorful and diverse daylife are not welcome in the mico universe of the openstairs. 

The main responsible people are the one using the stairs in order to leave it better than the found it. Means in case there is trash laying it's okay to clean and tidy up. The regional manager of the stairs, is having a look at the digital planned events and checking if there are alining with the guidelines.

No, It's really meant for the public even it's standing close the the Universtiy of Art and Design in Offenbach.

The locations are semi-temporary. But I create an awareness and a consistancy the stairs should stand at least 3-4 month that people get to know it and start using it. To keep it interessing the idea is that the stair spot can change within the city after a while. but I can also stay really on in one spot. It depends a bit on the people in the area and it's leader. It aim is to have a local leader of every stair to have also an eye on the spot and the events. Again.. to show its a open collaborative ground to act and be and collab.

The stairs don't have a color, on purpose, spaying and tagging is okay. I want people to be part in shaping the space. In events, visuals, organisation, managing or just enjoying the space. It's a challange but I want to accept the callange.

You can send robin an email with your question or with your notes of making changes. If someone is submitting more events this person can request an login and can freely edit events.