The openstairs initivative is a concept of engagement that stimulates organisations and indiviuals to take action in their local surroundings.

Move closer together in sharing knowledge, cultural activites or other events, workshops or performances that wouldn't be as accessible otherwise.

As contributor/ perfomer

Citizens, schools, organizations, artists, municipalities and so on - are

welcomed to freely offering and/ or visiting planned or spontaneous happening events in public. By doing so creating an accessible experience with keeping up the values of diversity, equality and respect. In this way people get introduces to new horizons, asked different questions by new aspects and given insights from strangers they would not have met otherwise. – Strangers are not strange!

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As a facilitator to implement more openstairs-spots

All information for operating and creating the Openstairs is summarized in a "Call for Collaborators". This makes it easier for the concept to spread. Building instructions, help in choosing new Openstairs spots, instructions on how to register and find your way around the Openstairs online agenda as an admin, event suggestions, reports on ongoing projects,..

Request the manuals and advices

As a guest and visitor

The connected openstairs online-agenda offers an easy overview for the upcoming planned events at the individual Openstairs spot . It invites people from the digital world to the physical world and welcomes to join  an entertaining-, cultural-, educational-,.. event.

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...or any other ideas to support the move to make public space more accessible for educational and cultural events.